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Sep 11, 2010 9:30am PDT
and the elements go out and look for him and they do find him in, win finds him in south carolina in charleston, earth went looking for him. after earth fire, she could not get passed the fire. water follow it had ship and wind was able to go across and follow and find him. it was after many years that wind was able to find him. i'll read that last part. [inaudible] all living in the americas, i saw the taken shackled to the land from sun up to sun down working tobacco, sugar cane and rice. i listen to them tell stories different but strangely familiar. now prayer rabbit. i stopped by kitchens and watched our women with cook yams, rice, oh kra and beans. our children had not forgotten. and i rejoice, led by the sound of a black smith's hammer, i travel to charleston, south carolina, john shannon, black smith. a large european with red hair, comfortable. they were apprentices to all africans new and old, familiar yet fresh. i have sold another of your beautiful gape with the rice design, how did you learn to craft so well? a young man stepped into the light. i learned by reaching back with one h
Sep 7, 2010 5:00am EDT
. pittsburgh right around 78 degrees. yes, 70s this time of year. absolutely gorgeous. 87 into charleston. yes, this is our temperature for today. i'm forecasting and 88 is our temperature for tomorrow. we will start to get that warm air moving in across our area. as we check out our temperatures for the lows, we are looking at 62 degrees into baltimore. 56 into altoona. further to the north you go. 60 into pittsburgh. 58 degrees into charleston. those temperatures are going to escalate as we go throughout the day. the satellite and radar, yes, you're looking at this cold front. it's coming in as we go into tomorrow and the good news is, we aren't going to see any rain with it. we'll stay dry. as you look back towards the east, that high pressure has pushed off into the atlantic. clock wise flow is going to allow for us to get more humid today and also allow us to warm those temperatures up. the satellite and radar showing the gulf of mexico once again because tropical storm irmine made land fall 40 miles to the south of that into mexico. as you check out the forecast for us, that cold front m
Sep 8, 2010 5:00am EDT
for norfolk pushing that, and new york came in at 87 degrees. check out charleston, 93. so, oh, yes, it was a hot day yesterday. temperatures right now 75 degrees into baltimore. really weren't able to cool down that much, because we had the clouds out there. when you have the clouds, well, they act like a blanket and temperatures can't drop. 72 degrees in altoona right now. and pittsburgh coming in at 64. 71 charleston. norfolk 73. new york coming in at 77 degrees. we could get into the 90s again as we go throughout the day before the front passes because we're starting on the warm side. the satellite and radar picking up on the cold front, this is what we're waiting to come through. we have some cooler, drier air behind that. we can see what's ahead of the front. we do see a few showers trying to move in from the new england and down across the southeast as well. let me talk about the showers. the rain that's really falling as we go into texas. yes, all this is courtesy of what was once tropical storm hermine but right now it is a tropical depression. we can see lots of rain in ce
Sep 22, 2010 12:35am EDT
's always fun. also, i want to send a quick shoutout. i went to charleston, south carolina, over the weekend to a place called the hominy grill. it was unbelievable. what a great place. so delicious. the people that work there are the nicest human beings on earth. so, thank you so much. a shout out to hominy grill and everyone in charleston, south carolina. charleston's awesome. [ cheers and applause ] >> questlove: hey, jimmy! jimmy? i didn't know we were doing shoutouts. can i do a shoutout? >> jimmy: sure, you wanna do a shoutout, go ahead, quest. >> questlove: i want to do a shoutout. let me get some music. ♪ all right. all right, this is your man, questo, i want to give a shoutout to collaboration. like right now, one of the hottest albums on itunes is the one we just put out today called "wake up" which is a collaboration -- [ cheers and applause ] it's a collaboration that we did with john legend. it features a single with cameos from melanie fiona and common. so make sure you grab it off itunes and check the video for "wake up." it's on youtube. and you will never know who will mak
Sep 24, 2010 6:00am EDT
about fog and it's not a charleston issue but getting to downtown may be trouble. let's show you 70 now and glare, that's the going. and there is the visibility. that's a nearby streetlight and in and higher terrain down below a quarter mile. fog mixed in with clouds to the north. the fog issue with school delays and queen ann county. and a 2 hour delay. fairly standard tough. we'll look at that and heat pumping in. kraefrpging across the midwest. that expands across the border through -- cranking across the midwest expands across the border. there will be hot winds this afternoon, we'll watch the storms to the west. stay to the west and break up a bit as it crosses. we may not have the support and there will be showers. another hot day and watching cooler air filtering on. front stalls and watch it building back. sunday should be cloudy. cool to watch the game. today it will be hot. 93 record of 95 is within reach. back to 6 #. the start of the weekend at 84. mild but a cool down. we go into the upper 70s. see what is happening. and the fog will not be everywhere but where it is it wil
Sep 29, 2010 6:00am EDT
from charleston and daytona. we have the jet stream dipped off to the west. and imagine two spinning wheels in different directions. like a tennis ball, you'll see the batting cages. and put it in between the wheels and it pops out. that's what's happening between the moisture. it's moving quickly up the coast. this thing right now, it's south of key west. by friday morning, it's going to be north of the area. and the spaghetti models are agreeing broad senter is coming from the west. the strong parts of these lows are to the east of the center. in other words, here's where all of the rain and wind is. we're more concerned about the rain. as the low tracks west of frederick, where's the energy going to be. right on the 95 corridor. that's what we're looking at in the spaghetti model. so, today, we can put the warning and graphic up. the easiest way to say it is, every count accept for two, garrett and allegany is under a flood watch or a coastal flood watch. that's areawide and the acception of the two counties. rain by dinner time and a high of 75 degrees this day. don, take it awa
Sep 5, 2010 4:00pm EDT
of charleston, south carolina. a harrowing night and some 20 hours in the rough seas, seven people are safe today. overnight the u.s. coast guard spotted them by moonlight 5 miles off the coast. they were simply bobbing in the water. petty officer second class ben rosen is an aviation cheelectros technician. he was onboard the coast guard helicopter that spotted them. give me an idea how you knew these folks were "a" in trouble and how you were able to locate them. >> how you doing, fredricka? well, we received a report at about midnight from our sector, our command center. they called us saying they received a report from a woman who stated her husband as well as six others had not returned back home at the time they were scheduled to. so that time we launched from our air facility in charleston, four-man crew, a pilot, co-pilot, myself, my mechanic and the rescue swimmer and our mh-65 helicopter. we arrived on scene. we searched for about six hours before we had located the survivors. >> now, by the time you located them, "a" we know because of the storms that passed the area in the past
Sep 25, 2010 10:00pm PDT
was in charleston to give the keynote speech at an n- double-a-c-p banqu shopnbc. >>> protesters greet the house speaker in south carolina. she was there to speak at a dinner. she may call for a vote next week on extending tax cuts. republican leaders want the vote delayed until after the november election. >>> the battle over same sex marriage is spreading beyond california again. ten states have filed briefs saying they, not the courts, should get the final say. the state's also stay the constitution doesn't require marriage to include same sex couples. proposition eight, the ban on same sex marriage has been ruled unconstitutional but is still under appeal. among the states filing the brief, florida, indiana, michigan, virginia and utah. >>> it wasn't a pretty picture what happened to lehman brothers. it was the biggest bankruptcy in history. now some pay back. how people lined up to own a piece of history. >> $380,000. >> reporter: art collectors picked up some of the most valuable assets from lehmam brothers. some of these works of art graced the office walls of executives for more than a
Sep 29, 2010 4:00am PDT
expression at the charleston heights arts center. that's your pacific event of the day, veronica. >> very nice. you know my mom lives in vegas, so -- >> she is? >> she is. so good morning, mom. >> send her the details so she can get out there. >> exactly. >>> now here's a look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. justin timberlake might be starring in the new movie "the social network." of facebook, justin timberlake says i don't care about my friend's feelings. they can call me and tell me. >>> and 4 an in an interview "rolling stone" president obama says his ipod has about 2,000 songs on it, including stevie wonder, bob dylan and the rollingstones. >>> an online poll has named russell brand as the worst dressed man's in showbiz, followed in second place, by teen heartthrob justin bieber. >>> confirmation that gweneth paltro will be the latest star on the show, they're worried too many stars will prove to be the show's undoing. >>> justin said, quote, i have a girlfriend who is far prettier than i should have. you know, we just mentioned justin bieber earlier. also justin timber
Sep 20, 2010 2:30pm PDT
on trial in strom thurmond federal courthouse in charleston, south carolina. across the street was the confederate cemetery. from the courthouse, they flew two flags -- the u.s. flag and the confederate battle flag, which was the state flag of south carolina. from the court room, i could look out the window and seaport sumter in the distance -- see fort sumter. fort sumter. they put me on a case with no
Sep 6, 2010 11:00pm EDT
. it is now 88 in richmond. 87 in charleston, west virginia. cincinnati was at 89. that will come in here tomorrow as we get a warm-up. 82 at bwi marshall. we're close to normal. cloud cover passed to the north of us, generating a few showers near the pennsylvania state line. sun rises at 6:40 tomorrow morning. for the time being, the storm is stretched out along the u.s.- canadian border. it is really across some of the plain -- trailing across some of the plain states. it has been a little while since we have had rain. my trip here -- it might trigger a few spotty showers later this week. the winds may require a small craft advisory by the evening hours with temperatures on the water in the upper-70's. a couple sprinkles in the mountains to mar 9. 89 around the bay. -- tomorrow night. 89 around the bay. we are watching that tropical storm which is almost up to brownsville, texas. winds are fairly weak for a tropical storm. it will weaken further as it moves inland through west texas and the southern plains. if we're lucky, it might turn eastbound and we will catch a shower. right now, t
Sep 22, 2010 11:00pm EDT
degrees warmer than normal. we had 91 degrees at the airport. 92 in charleston, west virginia. 99 degrees in louisville, ky. a lot of that heat will hang around. we had this front trying to move through. all this warm, muggy air that is still in place will remain here for the next couple of days. fall started a couple of minutes ago. it will continue to feel like summer. partly cloudy. there is the front. md., began to dissipate, and yank its post-to the north. -- and gets pushed back to the north. maybe an isolated storm popping up tomorrow afternoon. most spots will stay dry and humid. things will cool off as another weak front makes its way across our region over the weekend break able take until sunday before temperatures drop back to normal levels. 85-90 tomorrow, a good deal of sunshine. waves are running about 1 foot. 80 in the mountains with some sunshine tomorrow. ocean city, just kind of a summary date. lisa is even weaker, barely discernible. that storm does not look like much of a threat. the next name on the list is matthew. 88 to borrow around baltimore and into the low 90's
Sep 9, 2010 5:30am EDT
more. the two alarm blaze broke downn3 at home in charleston street. when firefighterssarrived on the scene they found heavy smoke and building next door. the cause remains undee investigation inside more than 100 city firefighters weee in3 west baltimore fighting two different four-alarm blazes. the first fire broke out at 4:15 n the afternoon. north calhoun street engulfed in flames. the blaze quickly spread across the streettsending 55moreehomes acrosa upup in flames. ssconds later two more homes went up in flames. one of those homes was occupied. there's a good chance that the windy day was to blame for spreading the fire. >> whaaever idd whhtever >> that's thh way it is.f on they don't fix them up, they burn them up. >> fireerews were callld back to the scene around calhoun street there rekindled. the flames they weee put out about a half an hour later. >>> a maryland man is killed in afganistan. 25 years old chris vvlley was a former marine who returned to thh middle east as a private ú%curity contractor. valley was origgnally from ran randallstown aan was pllnning on
Sep 12, 2010 9:00am EDT
in charleston, south carolina, with my kids. you go to the old slave market, and it is astounding to tell your 5-year-old that her great, great, great grandfather was a slave. she cannot comprehend that. >> i think we are moving toward an era of robotic warfare with fewer and fewer casualties. or by remote control is coming without any question. you have seen the beginning of this with the drone strikes. >> i agree with you, but if you apply that technology, the predator and the other one, to civilian populations, you increase the devastation. and you have empowered very small groups. it is not very hard to turn it into a drug. if you have the machine for this, -- into a drone. if you have the machine for this. >> the human brain would have reached parity with a supercomputer. now we have blue-green project at george mason university taking it very seriously. we're 20 years away from something that we will not be able to begin to comprehend today. >> i would like to remind our listeners on sirius xm radio, channels 110 and 130, you are listening to "white house chronicle" with myself, llewellyn
Sep 6, 2010 6:00am EDT
. charleston, 76. pittsburgh, 71. a gorgeous day. we had to deal with earl on friday. after, that plenty of sunshine and cooler temperatures in the forecast. you know what? cooler temperatures will be moving back after we warm back up. lows right now, 44 degrees into allatoona. very chilly start to the morning. make sure you have a jacket or some type of sweater. 49 to pittsburgh. 54 roanoke. 61 into philly and new york. richmond coming in at 58 degrees. so we're looking at the satellite and radar, you see showers and thunderstorms back off towards the north and west. it looks like they want to move our direction, oh no, it's not going to make its way here. we do have this area of high pressure that's going to block that. we're looking off into the coast here, down the southeastern coast. we have a stalled out front and this is not going to affect us too much. that's definitely good news. you know what else isn't going to affect us? i'll show you the gulf of mexico. we have clouds, showers and thunderstorm. convection, tropical storm hermine as of now. and with that, the winds are sustai
Sep 8, 2010 6:00am EDT
. 70 charleston. and not so bad in pittsburgh at 63 degrees right now. 76 in new york and also into philly. throughout the day, we're going to see some cooler temperatures by this evening. now, cool, dry behind this front. i know a lot of you after yesterday can't wait for this front to move through. ahead of the front, yes, we're dealing with a cloud cover i just showed you around the inner harbor and we have a few showers just light in nature, not going to drop a lot of rain. they will fizzle out towards the east at 40 miles an hour. quick movers, that's good news. the big picture here, texas is where tropical depression hermine is dropping lots of rain across northern and central texas moving to the north. our weather for today, we will be seeing cloud cover as we go throughout the day and behind that front we'll start to see more sunshine. this model not doing such a good job of the sunshine as we go through tomorrow and friday. in the meantime, today that temperature coming in at 87 degrees, increasing clouds, warm and windy. by tonight check it out, mostly clear and coole
Sep 8, 2010 6:00pm EDT
and western pennsylvania, and out to the west toward charleston 81. that cooler air punching in as we go through the evening hours. skies will stay clear. winds turning west and then northwest overnight and it's going to be a chilly breeze through the overnight dropping us eventually into the 50s. take a look at your hour by hour through tomorrow. a breezy day, low 60 newscast the morning only into the 70s as we go into the afternoon. so that a fall feeling coming back big time tomorrow and it's going to last into the latter pas of the week. we'll talk about your weekend coming up there is the chance for rain details straight ahead. >> thanks we at. business really takes off at the baltimore washington international thurgood mashall airport. more than 2 million passengers passed through in july. that's an all time record. the airport says largest airline southwest helped fuel the record with more than a million about passenger. airtran was the seconds leading carrier counting 400,000 travelers. passenger traffic has increased at bwi for 13 out of the past 14 months. >>> you know lookin
Sep 9, 2010 5:30am EDT
are down to the south. you can see charleston at 74 degrees. very oppressive there. now you are going to couple that with the wind. sustained winds right now. frederick, about 9-mile an hour sustained wind. baltimore coming in at 7. these will be picking up and we'll have gusts throughout the morning, throughout the afternoon. out of the west, northwest, at about 15 to 25 miles an hour. we'll be seeing those gusts. high pressure though, canadian highs setting up. we had that cool, dry air. that front that passed through. we are getting that and the warm air and the humid air is ahead of that frontal system. the tropics, a little active. we have tropical storm egor as of now. it was a wave off of africa, now it's to the south of the islands. not really doing anything as of now. it will pick up speed and head towards the west as we go into the rest of today. all in all, not too bad. today the temperature coming in at 78 degrees. mostly sunny, mild, and breezy. definitely the big stories. as we go through tonight, still the same. the cool temperatures mostly clear and cool with that temp
Sep 9, 2010 6:00am EDT
, the temperature at 57 degrees. 56 in altoona. pittsburgh even cooler coming in at 54 and 53 into charleston this morning. as we go throughout the day, our high around 78 degrees. so we are going to be feeling good. the big story, though, the moisture in the air, which is not a lot, and also the wind. let's start with the moisture. we have the dew points. once we get into the 40s, that air is very dry. once we head down south into the 70s, that's where they are dealing with soul tri, oppressive air across the area. so winds, another factor and right now they are sustained at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. 8-mile an hour wind into frederick right now and we are looking at 5 into new york. washington around 8 miles an hour. but the gusts as we go throughout the day will be picking up at 25 miles an hour and the sustained winds will be picking up to about 10 to 15 miles an hour as we go into the afternoon. high pressure is definitely building in across the area. this is a canadian high and it's bringing in cool, dry air. that cold front has passed the area and on the front side of that cold fron
Sep 9, 2010 6:30am EDT
points. that is dry air westside we head into charleston, that's oppressive air. we are coupe ling it with the winds, 8 in baltimore, 7 in frederick. they will be picking up at 10 to 15 miles an hour sustained and gusts to 25, 30-mile pes an hour. that will enhance our fire threat for today. high pressure, canadian highs are going to dry to drop dop. we are gouge to be on the front farm on the other side of the front. really not doing. >> questioning. as we go into time here, we are gouge to be pleaing of sunshine. here's your forecast for tonight, temperature coming in at 56 degrees and then by  tomorrow, we'll be right around 77 degrees and the seven-day forecast looks really, really good. we'll be looking at rain. how is traffic? >> you will see some slowing a little bit sluggish between white marsh boulevard. as we look here, this is going to be the vw parkway, jeep sus slow already. just expect some delays as you make your way towards had 95. as we look at our mash, we have a crash reported at middletown road. our drive times are gouge to be up slightly and we have a crash
Sep 10, 2010 5:00am EDT
in baltimore, altoona 54 and pittsburgh 51. more of the same into charleston. 54 roanoke and 60 into philly. we're at 64 degrees into new york as of now. so yes, as you head out and about headed to school, grab the jacket because you will need it this morning. the moisture content once again is on the dry side so we'll factor that in with the winds so there could be a little fire danger. just not as bad as yesterday. the risk is still there. still the high dew points are down to the south where you are dealing with the sultry air. the winds are about 5 mile-per- hour sustained winds. hagerstown coming at 6:00 and d.c. is at 10:00. into york, we're about 5:00. then we could have gusts up to 20 miles per hour as we go throughout the day. the satellite and radar picking up on that canadian high. and we're getting that northwestly flow. the high will start to slade off towards the east as we -- slide off towards the east as we go into tomorrow. with that, we'll have a chance for a cold front to work in here. i'm forecasting a partly cloudy day tomorrow. we'll stay mainly dry throughout the day and
Sep 10, 2010 6:00am EDT
. 56 degrees into baltimore right now. 50 into pittsburgh. 51 into charleston. even as we go into the afternoon, our highs are cooler than yesterday or milder. as we look at when's going on, 47 as we go in through your dew points right now. 40s mean we're dealing with the dry air. as you head south, though, we're still dealing with the humidity across that area. those dew points are in the 70s. we're dealing with the winds once again for today. that's why we have the potential once again for the fire threat. the winds right now sustained to baltimore around 6 miles per hour. frederick died down. hagerstown around 6 and washington around 7. we'll be seeing the gusts today about 20 miles per hour, 15 miles per hour. the satellite and radar picking up on an area of high pressure. it is a canadian high. with this, we have the winds out of the northwest funneling down. the cooler conditions as well. as you check out what will be happening in terms of our forecast, well, i'm forecasting maybe a few showers as we go later in on saturday. but the bulk of the rain should get here as w
Sep 23, 2010 5:00am EDT
as atlanta, georgia yesterday and we did beat charleston, south carolina. a lot of 70s and mugginess down here. a true sense of midsummer heat and the air mass trying to hang on to that last season. we bring it home and watch that energy to the northwest. we'll watch another line of showers and storms. this is the way the computer model looked yesterday afternoon. we did survive the trip with the added heat and energy. there could be another round today. i'll keep a threat isolated which means a 30% shot or less. anding to if again on friday. most of the weather back to our west. but until then, we have more heat to go. today 88, we'll probably push the limit of night in any spot. there will be the chance of showers and storms in the afternoon evening. patchy fog at 65. for tomorrow, once again, a little more humid, 92 and a chance of isolated afternoon thunderstorms. our extended outlook coming up, right now kim brown has a look at traffic santa earlier accident on the v w parkway. 1995 has been moved out of the travel portion. that is good news. pay bridge eastbound span, debris has bee
Sep 28, 2010 4:30am EDT
here out of asheville, right up through charleston, the spine of the appalachians. ahead it is it is drawing moisture on top of us and that's why we had heavy rains yesterday afternoon and this morning to the south and west. nine future cast in motion. this will lift north. by the time we get through this afternoon, the front is pushing through, but with sunshine -- and we're already at 72 -- that's why i think we are going to the low 80s this afternoon. tomorrow we start with a little sun early but look at the clouds and showers in the eastern carolinas. they move northward during the day. here we are at 5:00. yes, light ones in the region and watch what happens on tomorrow night and thursday morning, all of the moisture surges northward through virginia in to maryland. some of the rain on thursday with this system could be locally heavy once again. i expect flood watches to be posted for us then, as well. we have a flood watch until 8:00. here's the seven-day forecast, 83 today. 75 tomorrow with more clouds. maybe a peek of sun early, a late shower. thursday 78. friday
Sep 6, 2010 4:30am EDT
are safe an recovering after their boat started to sink 30 miles east of charleston. early sunday, the coast guard rescued four adults and three children from the 38-foot powered vessel. the wife of the owner contacted the coast guard when the group failed to return after the outing. >>> willy bean was fishing on the potomac and noticed something strange in his net. he caught a deadly eight foot long bull shark them 300-pound killer was the mouth of the potomac at corn field harbor, a mile away from point lookout state park and that's a swimming beach. >> don't venture out too deep is what you are saying i guess. >> i was reading this and apparently the bull shark is unique because it can tolerate fresh water and that's kind of how these things can happenment. >> some salt water coming in from the south. >> i thought it was funny, the guy willy who pulled this out of the water, he was like we have jaws and that was the quote, we are going to need a bigger boat. if we are heading out on the boat today? >> sun screen, slather it up today. spf 70. maybe 35. it will be bright out ther
Sep 6, 2010 9:00am EDT
around 70 degrees. 71 pittsburgh. 76 charleston. 79 roanoke. it just gets better. if you like warmer temperatures, it'll be warmer today. i'm forecasting around 83 degrees. right now, we're right around 69 degrees into baltimore. little cooler into allatoona and pittsburgh coming at 57 and also 58 degrees. now we're looking at satellite and radar. we see showers and thunderstorms back off towards the north and west. won't inch down into our area, we have high pressure that will block out all that activity. maybe you'll be doing traveling for today or maybe tomorrow and we do have some stuff brewing out here into the gulf of mexico. it is tropical storm hermine. you know what? it's not going to affect us. we have good news. we had earl, we'll be done with it for a while. the last time i showed this, winds were sustained about 40 miles an hour. this is getting its act together, trying to strengthen a bit. intensify if you will. it is moving to the north at about 9 miles an hour. picked up forward speed as well. going to put this into motion, the forecasted path for this, to take a nort
Sep 5, 2010 5:00pm EDT
right. meantime, this was a pretty frightening moment for some folks off the coast of charleston, south carolina, and the u.s. coast guard came to their rescue. four adults and three children, right there, there's a photograph after the rescue, they were bobbing in the atlantic ocean. had to abandon their sinking boat. guess what? they spent some 20 hours in the water. luckily they were all wearing life vests. the u.s. coast guard helicopter crew was on the final pass of what had been a six-hour search pattern when a crew member spotted them in the moonlight 20 miles off the coast, off charleston. some survivors were clinging to a cooler. last hour i spoke to a member of that rescue team. he described the dangers of this mission. >> the search conditions were ideal. the seas by this time were more calm. the biggest aspect was the fact we didn't actually have a location where the survivors were. and it was very dark. there wasn't very much illumination last night. our biggest task was just finding them. it's very hard to find a person in the middle of the ocean when you don't really know
Sep 10, 2010 9:00am EDT
job done, you can soak away. >> hot tub time machine! >> all right, let's go. >> charleston, south carolina, a lakefront four-bedroom home at $330,000. >> and remember only $330,000. charleston is a great town. don't judge the house from the outside looking. in wait until you get inside. you'll get a whole different impression of the house. it's not regular at all. there's a nice living room, nice and proportional. they have lovely rooms, open rooms. and it's an easy house to live. in i think it's a great house for a new family because you have plenty of space. i like that kitchen. i think that's perfectly laid out. >> love the floors. >> you say that about all the houses, love the floors, love the floors. okay. >> wow. >> there's the bedroom. you never say i love the bedroom. >> okay. >> say i love the bedroom! >> love the bedroom. >> lots of lights, three windows on all walls. so, it's a lovely place to wake up. there's the back porch. a great space for hanging out with the family and -- >> love the back porch! >> there you go. enough now. all right. >> and finally, we've got a t
Sep 9, 2010 9:00am EDT
into pittburg and also into altoona. check out charleston and new york is at 66 degrees and richmond coming in at 69 degrees. this is the story for today. here's the dry air, baltimore 47 for a dew point. when you get in the 40s, you are talking about dry air. 50s we are comfortable and when you hit the 70s, you are feeling o prezzive and that's what they are feeling down south. as you check out the winds, they have been picking up all morning long. more of the same into dc. frederick around 13. winchester at 13. hagerstown coming in at 10. these are sustained. we have gusts as we go throughout the day up to 25 to 30 miles an hour. now you couple that with the wind and then we have the dry air, that's enhancing our risk for fire danger once again. no open burning across the area, please. we have this canadian die. we have that cool air and on the other side of that front, dealing with warm and very humid air. as we check out what's going on in the tropics, watch when i stand over this way. we have igon, not doing much. it's not a threat to the u.s., definitely going to keep you updated on t
Sep 6, 2010 10:00pm EDT
. the fire broke out in ran son, west virginia, near the charleston raceway. we have the details. >> it's really hot. >> the barn just like exploded, a loud noise and the flames were 40, 50 feet above the roof. within a minute and a half there was three barns on fire. >> reporter: donnie poper and a few others happened to be nearby when i a tower of flames lit up the darkness that normally blankets these west virginia stables, but instead of running away, poper and several others ran towards the burning buildings in an effort to save dozens of trapped and terrified race horses. >> you could hear the cries from the horses. they were just neighing at the top of their lungs. >> they were panicky. we just turned them loose and there was people that stopped their cars, not even horsemen, a lot of people from the casino. >> reporter: their bravery saved over 20 horses, but 27 perished. the fire chief said the 100- year-old barn that once stood here just burned too quickly to save most of the animals. >> heavy fire load, lots of straw, hay. there's nothing to stop it. once it was going it just
Sep 3, 2010 11:35pm PDT
charleston, south carolina, collecting recipes and stories, because he thinks that the food, and the eating, can some how heal the deep racial scars still in the landscape here. >> food allows us to get at the big stuff in the south. look at this, learn this back story and learning that back story, i think we can bridge race and class gaps. that's what i'm in it for. >> reporter: it's from african slaves, he says, that southerners learned the thing that makes southern cooking great. recipes that got passed down through generations of grinding poverty, through the civil war, the dust bowl and the depression. the then miraculously left us with this. why does it matter that places like this exist? >> if you want to understand this place, you want to understand kind of what great things have come out of the south, you hold up certain in evidence. and i would argue that if you want to see a great product of the bi-racial south, you hold up this food and you say, we made this together, black and white. allows you to tell stories about this region and talk about race and class and all that stuff,
Sep 26, 2010 3:00am PDT
courthouse in charleston, south carolina. across the street was the confederate cemetery. from the courthouse, they flew two flags -- the u.s. flag and the confederate battle flag, which was the state flag of south carolina. from the court room, i could look out the window and seaport sumter in the distance -- see fort sumter. they put me on a case with no marijuana. they invented imaginary marijuana. they said i was charged with conspiring to contribute 10 tons of colombian marijuana. i pled not guilty. i had a jury trial. i was found guilty on one account, acquitted on nine. i had an appellate case and the supreme court case. i was then facing 15 years. since may to nine. when i went to federal prison, i did time in eight different states in nine different federal prisons, including four penitentiaries -- that is a maximum security. including the united states penitentiary at marion, the first super federal max. that is on a marijuana convention. -- conviction. i spent most of my time in solitary confinement. you do not know this, but if you plead not duty and you get a jury trial and then
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